_Si no quieres acabar en un manicomio, abre tu corazón y abandónate al curso natural de la vida_

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Éxitos, fracasos y caminos por recorrer-.¨

-Barney and I tried and failed. That was 2 years ago. Why would i ever go down that road again? It wouldn’t make sense.

+It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s chemistry. Look I’ve always have a sixth sense about theese things. You and Barney have the kind of chemistry that just doesn’t go away.

-Really? And why he’s trying to fuck everything that moves?

+You are the reason he never called Nora. You are the reason he’s only `test marketing’ tonight. And you’re the reason he keeps striking out on purpose. It’s chemistry

-Let it go. There’s no chemistry left between me and barney. We’re done.

+Really? Go and tell him.

-Why should I do that?

+Because deep down even though he isn’t aware of it, Barney wants to be with you too and if it’s not going to happen he deserves to know.


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